Order Redesign

‘Twas time for some spring cleaning around here at Buymedia. So we took advantage whilst we had the dusters and brooms out to make some important changes to our order lines!

Visually Concise 
To start, all our order lines are now looking like programmatic orders. That means they can be nicely collapsed to display and hide more detailed information.

Other Anatomy Changes 
– Targeting Information
– Product Icons for easy identification of product types.
– Availability Check color scheme
– Order Modification color changes and tags
– Order Details displayed in Tags

Packs and Cross-seller orders are inherently more complex products and have also been redesigned to be more efficient and visually succinct.

Thirsty for more? 
If you want to read the full description of these changes, just go on over to our wiki!

Ready to give the design a try? 

While we will not be implementing the new design in Adsdaq for some time still, if you are interested in being a beta tester, please let us know! helpdesk@adsdaq.eu