Automating the trading of digital advertising products

Our Solution

Quality Content at Scale

Quality (still) matters!

Advertising in a media with a strong brand and trusted content is highly effective. However, the ad-buying process to get there can often be complex and fragmented.

Creating quality content is an art and a skill itself that has been mastered by a selection of media companies per country.

We provide media buyers easy and complete access to the most valuable advertising products on the market, at scale.

Product Agnostic

The Adsdaq platform is a gateway for media buyers to all the relevant advertising products of the quality publishers in their geographic market.

Any advertising product can be transacted on the platform : display, mobile, video, native, newsletters, whether in guaranteed form or programmatic.

Currently we’re focused on digital advertising products, but other media types will follow.


The Adsdaq technology in essence automates, streamlines, and standardises the acquisition process of all possible advertising products, from order intake to delivery programming. As a national marketplace for digital advertising space, it also provides buyers a uniform and standardised way of dealing with their major publishing partners in the market.

The standard acquisition process includes product definition, availability check, discount management, negotiation and adserver programming.

As the Adsdaq platform creatines an easy buying experience for buyers of advertising products, our publisher-partners can also deploy our platform as a regional advertising selfnext-service platform or as a digital sales solution for publisher sales agents.

Join Forces!

Major international technology companies may have the advantage of global scale, but national publishers have a natural focus on quality content. Although these publishers often lack the scale to compete against these behemoths, the Adsdaq platform allows national quality media to provide their advertising clients with a unified methodology to transact advertising space at scale, effectively providing the buy side of the market braod, easy access to high quality national advertising products.

Adsdaq technology is fuelling  the market places in Belgium and in the Netherlands. More national marketplaces will follow.

Our Partners


Sanoma also joins

Mid-February we announced the launch of the new portal  together with Dutch media businesses BrandDeli, FD Media, NDC Mediagroep, De Persgroep Nederland, Talpa Networks, Telegraaf Media Groep, RTL Nederland and Ster. Today also Sanoma, one of the biggest publishers in the Netherlands, will be a part of this joint partnership. The new buy media […]

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Adlogix and Dutch media companies launch!

Joint portal for purchasing high quality digital media Dutch media businesses BrandDeli, FD Media, NDC Mediagroep, De Persgroep Nederland, Talpa Networks, Telegraaf Media Groep, RTL Nederland and Ster announced today that they will be joint partners in the new portal, the online platform offering media buyers high quality digital advertisement products, developed and operated […]

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