We automate your direct sales.


    Adsdaq is a Digital Media Acquisition Platform connecting the buyer and the seller of guaranteed digital advertising space.


    Adsdaq makes buying guaranteed digital advertising space easier, faster and more efficient for all participating parties.


    In Belgium, the Buymedia.be platform is powered by Adsdaq.eu



    Publishers need to keep control over the pricing and inventory allocation of their most valuable digital advertising products.


    National and regional publishers are suffering from the increasing share global players are claiming from the overal advertising budgets, putting high presure on margins.
    Process automation is needed to reclaim margins.


    Media buyers and advertisers are increasing their expenditures towards automated channels



    The current direct digital advertising process is labor intensive, expensive and time consuming!


    80 %

    80% of direct sales could/should be automated !

  • Automated Direct

    As a publisher, how much time do you spend selling and trafficking guaranteed digital advertising products?
    As a buyer, how much time do you spend in the process of buying guaranteed digital advertising space with multiple publishers?


    As a seller, you know you could trade a lot of these guaranteed advertising products in a fully automated way, allowing your buyers to access your product catalogue in a controlled and secure environment. Every format, every product.
    But you want to be in control of your product, pricing & placement.
    You set the stage, the buyer shops.
    The buyer has easy access to a broad range of premium publishers and can execute a buy in seconds, across different publishers.


    Adsdaq is an automated guaranteed advertising platform, automating the order process of premium digital advertising products, between media buyers and premium publishers.


    Adsdaq provides the benefits of automated trading within the high yielding segment of premium guaranteed advertising inventory, satisfying the buyer's need for premium scale and efficiency as well as the publisher's need for transparency and control.


    Adsdaq is a technology driven automated sales channel for publishers. RTB is user centric, Adsdaq context centric.


    Adsdaq is designed as a self-service platform, allowing publishers to use the platform following three simple steps:
    CONNECT the ad server, CREATE the products, SELL them to the buyer.

  • Solution : Process Automation

    Inventory Packaging

    Adsdaq connects to your adserver and allows you to combine inventory elements in pricable products.

    Product Selection and Availablities

    The agency or advertiser browses the product catalogue and selects products based on multiple criteria. Adsdaq immediately verifies the availability of the selected products.

    Negotiation and Confirmation

    The Adsdaq platform provides an intuitive and transparant workflow process, guiding buyers and sellers through the transaction.

    Delivery end Reporting

    As the transaction is confirmed, Adsdaq programs the campaign in publisher's ad server and provides transparant process reporting.

  • We are looking for  an awesome PHP developer (@South station in Brussels - 5 min walk - easy access by train)

    We’re the creators of Adlogix.eu and Adsdaq.eu, a powerful online sales and operations management system and a digital advertising transaction platform, trusted by leading global media companies.

    We provide media companies the tools to maximize their online ad revenue and optimize their advertising processes. We integrate with our clients legacy systems (ad server, crm, erp, billing…) to eliminate data redundancy and create process transparency.

    • You’ll be part of the R&D team and involved in the development of Adlogix’ digital advertising management platform.
    • You’ll participate in the full development life-cycle
    • You’ll help build the architecture of the internal frameworks
    • Gather technical requirements from external partner
    • Enjoy your job and come up with crazy ideas


    We’re looking for someone who has experience with web services, database design, setup and administration, as well as PHP development with well structured, scalable and maintainable code.


    Must have :

    • Strong debugging skills and the ability to easily and quickly read and modify code
    • You’re well versed in OOP, synchronous and asynchronous design patterns, the DRY principle, and unit testing (maybe even TDD)
    • You have experience with relational databases and database architecture (maybe some nosql experience too)
    • You’re a master of HTML/CSS/JavaScript and can bend the browser to your will
    • Familiar with application frameworks for PHP (ideally Symfony1 and/or Symfony2) 


    We are looking for someone who:

    • Has the ambition to produce beautiful work
    • Has an appetite to constantly learn and develop his or her skills
    • Is independent and pro-active
    • Has a passion for great design and functionality


    It would be great if:

    • You’ve dealt with or know about scalability issues, caching, queuing and distributed storage
    • You’ve worked with a (D)VCS like Subversion and Git (or are excited to work somewhere that uses it)
    • You thrive in a fast paced, agile, iterative and collaborative engineering environment where quality well tested code is highly valued
    • Composer
    • REST
    • You’re experienced with technologies like RabbitMQ
    • Bootstrap 3 (or other CSS/JS framework)
    • Frontend Workflow (Grunt, Bower,…)
    • Sass
    • Jira/ Confluence

    We're offering you a challenging and rewarding job, while being part of a great team and a fast growing company!


    If this is you, contact Adsdaq ASAP : info@adsdaq.eu or drop us a message

  • Recent Press Releases



    Today for the first time in Europe, Persgroep Advertising, IPM Advertising, Mediahuis Connect, Pebble Media, Proximus Skynet Advertising, Rossel Advertising, Roularta Media and Trustmedia are launching an automated purchasing platform for premium digital media: buymedia.be. The introduction of this platform was specifically requested by the United Media Agencies (UMA) to enable advertising agencies to efficiently buy the publisher’s premium and guaranteed online offer.


    The online inventory (display, mobile and video) of the major Belgian players will be available on a single digital platform, which will provide a more efficient sales process and increased transparency:

    • No more manually completed order forms. They will be automatically generated in the new system and be made available for download.
    • A direct link to the ad server ensures that availabilities can be checked, booked and ordered in real time.
    • A chat system ensures that all campaign questions can be treated quickly and efficiently.
    • Annual contracts and other commercial agreements are taken into account for every transaction.
    • be lets you reach three million visitors a day.


    A user-friendly dashboard shows open tenders, options and publisher feedback. A link to internal systems of media buyers can also be made.


    The difference with real-time bidding

    The budget and number of impressions are set in advance through buymedia.be, like in a classic sales process. The sales process is automated and the volume that a client can purchase is also delivered, guaranteed.


    By uniting their offer and standardising the purchasing and sales process, Belgian publishers are ready for the future, as they now offer a powerful alternative to the booking tools of international players and anticipate the needs of local market players. They have succeeded in achieving a cooperation that is being followed with great interest internationally.



    Bruno Liesse, Chairman of UMA:

    “We fully support these types of sectorial initiatives that contribute to the further development of the digital segment in our local market, all the more because media agencies have invested in the know-how and competence for measurements, purchasing techniques and remarketing of the various types of digital channels over the past few years.”


    The buymedia.be platform is now online. Publishers will inform clients when their online offer is available. The participating parties have chosen to only offer their premium guaranteed selection on buymedia.be. It is a conscious choice of the publishers to organise the purchasing process as efficiently as possible through a single platform and concentrate on developing buymedia.be depending on the needs of local media buyers and publishers.


    For questions contact Adsdaq.eu


    About Adsdaq.eu

    The purchasing platform Adsdaq.eu, marketed in Belgium as buymedia.be, was developed by Adlogix, a Belgian technology company that develops software for the digital advertisement market and includes various national and international media companies in its client portfolio.

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